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Mantis Drone

The mantis drone is a high-quality and efficient drone that is perfect for those who want to explore new and recovery from flyovers by other drones. This drone is foldable so it can be easily carried with you, making it perfect for travel. The mantis drone has a 4k resolution camera and is capable of flying for periods up to 20 minutes.

Mantis Q Drone

Mantis Q Drone

By Yuneec


Yuneec Mantis Q Drone

There’s something special about yuneec’s mantis drones. They’re the perfectquire for low budget and can be just as efficient when it comes to high-end aerial photography. The drone is easy to fly and has all the functions of a high-end drone, yet is affordable enough to be taken around with you. the mantis drone has two chaff control pod and is equipped with two antennas, which allows it to follow and map out a area. The drone also has a built-in secure data storage which can store images, videos and data of up to 12 hours in length. the yuneec mantis drone is a great option for those who want the best quality and efficiency in their aerial photography.

Yuneec Mantis Drone

The yuneec mantis drone recovery hook grabber system comes with a 5mantis claw drone recovery hook that can help you catch your drone if it falls off a into the ground. The fiberglass kit also includes a hook that can be used to grab the top of the drone and bring it down to the ground. the mantisq drone is a very innovative drone that is constantly in progress. It is designed as a foldable camera drone that can be easily attached to a person's hand. The mantisq is edge- stemmed with a white aesthetic and has a couple of black spots on the front that will make your eyes rest on them. It is also about 2. 5kgs and has a pretty small range of around 100m. However, the mantisq is not a budget-friendly drone, but it is worth your time and money. this is a yuneec mantis drone with a remote controller. It weighs in at only and is made of strong materials that will protect the drone during use. The mantis drone has a wide area of vision that makes it perfect for searching for prey. Additionally, it has a high-capacity battery that can keep the drone running for a long time. the mantis q drone has a 11. 4v 3900mah battery that is perfect for those who lost their charger or who need to power up their drone without an extra battery. This battery is also compatible with the mantis q drone's camera and has a long runtime of 10 hours 10 minutes.