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Halo Drones

Looking for a lightweight and agile drone character? Look no further than the mcfarlane halo drone series! This series consists of two figures, one each for men and women, that allow you to create a unique look at your drone in any setting. Whether repertoir is fly through the air quickly and easily with this new figure series, or take on an adventure with your drones, mcfarlane has you covered!

Mega Construx Halo 3 Drone Lot

Halo Drone Pro

Are you looking for a drone that can fly highest and strongest? look no further than the halo drone! This drone is made with high-quality materials that will make your flying experience better than ever. Best of all, it has a protege built-in that will help you track your flying activities.

Halo Drone

The halo drone is a unique piece of art and technology that was created by mcfarlane. This drone has been license by the covenant to communicate with the outside world. It is a beautiful toy drone that is perfect for playing around in space or in the moment. the cng69 drone is a large, definitive-looking drone with ahalo mega construx covenant drone green. It is built around a tall and sleek conicaltopographing structure with a green and white color scheme. The drone has two large eyes at the front of its head and is made up of a variety of large and interconnected metal and plastic pieces. The conical head is offcourse the front of the drone and has two large eyes at the front, as well as a variety of smaller eyes and ear protectors on it. The drone has a very sleek and exported design that is perfect for using in many different types of propaganda and advertising campaigns. the perfect addition to any halo gaming party, this halo mega bloks covenant drone outbreak cnd0399 complete no box no stickers drone comes with a powerful energy weapon and deadly virus. With a simple adding of greenprints, you can create a devastating drone that flesh-eating warriors must take note of! looking for a unique and unique looking drone? look no further than the mega bloks halo unsc wombat recon drone rookie cyy43 brand new rare no box. This drone is made from high quality materials and is sure to get you days of use and use. With a small price tag at only $140. 00, this drone is a must-have for anyone's collection.